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Freelance front and back end development by Steve Le Roy Harris


About me
Steve Le Roy Harris is a freelance web and native app developer based in East London.

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I've been developing for the web professionally for 8 years.* In that time I've built up a broad range of experience, feeling equally comfortable whether I'm coding the frontend of a site or the backend which supports it, designing the API or building the smartphone app to interact with it.

I'm thoroughly acquainted with all the acronyms that usually fill up a web dev's bio, but my strongest experience is in JavaScript (including Angular & Backbone), PHP (particularly Wordpress & Drupal) and Python (Django). I'm also a skilled native app developer with apps in the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store and Google Play.

Outside of work I have a keen interest in VR, 3d printing and homebrew electronics.

To get in touch email me at steve@nourish.je or text me on 07453 302 625. I'm also on the social networks below.

* If you count the web design company I started as a 16 year old in the 90's, then it's 15 years! But let's not.


Latest article: Hello Webpack 2, goodbye babel-loader
Now that Webpack 2 can handle native ES2015 modules, it no longer makes sense to transpile code in a loader

The traditional way to load ES2015 modules into a webpack app is using babel-loader. With the release of webpack 2, this is no longer necessary - webpack now supports native JavaScript modules as well as Common JS, so code doesn't need to be transformed before it's passed to webpack.

This article describes how to transpile ES2015 to ES5 in one single operation in the optimisation phase, instead of once per input file in the loader phase, saving a lot of time during compilation.

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In 7 years in the industry I've gained a wide range of experience in front and back end development. I've worked with web services, both producing and consuming services marked up XML, JSON, YAML and Apple plist, and using REST and SOAP APIs.

Creating sites for highly popular one-off events has given me the skills to build scalable sites using PaaS like AWS and App Engine.

I've enjoyed the challenges of adapting to the mobile web, and providing responsive, touch and retina-enabled experiences is a vital part of the more day to day task of PSD/Illustrator to Worpress work.

Frontend Web

7 years experience as a frontend developer

  • HTML

    Semantic markup including HTML5

  • CSS

    Including SASS and CSS3

  • JavaScript

    Including AngularJS, Backbone.js, jQuery and Canvas animation with Easel.js

  • Workflow

    TDD with karma, jasmine and PHPUnit; Grunt, Vagrant, docker, git

Backend Web

7 years experience as a backend developer

  • PHP & SQL

    Daily, including Drupal and Wordpress development, both plugins and themes

  • Python

    Django & django-nonrel on Google App Engine

  • Server administration

    Apache, XCache, GAE, AWS, DNS management & email hosting

Native apps

Several projects over recent years

  • Objective C & the iOS SDK

    Apps available in the App Store

  • Java & the Android SDK

    Including porting an iOS app to Android & Kindle Fire

  • C/C++

    Personal projects including VR apps and driver development on Windows and Linux

Contact me

Steve Le Roy Harris
e: steve@nourish.je
t: 07453 302 625
Studio E1-1
Bow Arts Trust
183 Bow Road
London E3 2SJ
Bow Arts Lane